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Effects of falling from a high altitude

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Falls from heights are a significant risk that should be taken seriously.
Falls from height can have very different origins. It may be noted that the risk appears and evolves in time according to and depending on certain enabling conditions; it can range from simple in attention on the part of the worker or the presence of a drop in environmental positions work and traffic.

Do not let chance decide your fate. You probably know of workers who take risks and never fell. But taking risks when working at height, is flirting with bad luck. Each year approximately 1,000 construction workers are falling ? their luck ends there. On construction sites, the falls are among the most frequent accidents: an accident on 7. Falls are very serious accidents. An accident in the construction sector results in an average 65 days absence from work. But in the case of falls, it takes 120 days of absence on average, almost double!

The physical causes of persons falling are as follows: presence of an empty side of the structure; presence of a void in the structure or element of structure; e.g. hoppers, elevators, escalators, ducts, etc.; the risk is changing especially when these voids are hidden or protected by means of fortunes (cons plate-polyester sheets etc.); loss of balance on the edge of workers unprotected voids (slip, slip, shock by moving object, malaise, inattention); failure of an installation or device by lack of adaptation to work and risk and lack of strength and stability.

To eliminate these accidents that may qualify as avoidable due mainly to falls from heights. It is necessary to implement a policy of primary prevention; i.e. use of protective devices safe, firstly to prevent workers from falling, and secondly, if it falls they are not serious; this protection can be ensured by the construction itself, or by appropriate means such as railings, surfaces collections or personal protective equipment.

Tags: falling from heights, causes of falls from heights, preventive measures of falling from heights

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