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The use of recycled materials in pavement construction

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  1. Using recycled construction and demolition materials in construction of pavements
  2. Legislative requirements for reuse and production of recycled materials
  3. Supervising and testing recycled material to ensure they are complaint

The rise in the amount of waste as well as by-products released into the environment has seen the cost of disposing this waste also rise significantly as such necessitating the consideration for alternative use of such material to prevent the extra cost of doing away with ?waste'. This in addition to the fact that the cost of getting new raw material for use on construction of roads, pavements and other structure in civil engineering has necessitated the use of recycled material in construction.

[...] Construction especially that of pavements needs a lot of material which is the reason why the introduction of use of recycled materials has greatly been implemented here (Muscalu & Taranu, 56). Another important aspect therefore is trainings for construction supervisors, engineers, local government construction staff, industries and state government agencies is important in matters of use of recycled wastes in construction of pavements. Using recycled construction and demolition materials in construction of pavements One of the key elements emphasized by engineers and construction supervisors in charge of pavement is the fact that the use of the recycled material should not in any way compromise the quality of the pavements being constructed (Shu, 1323). [...]

[...] This are some of the elements which the supervisors are made away of and are asked to test in the recycled material they are given to use in the construction of the pavements at their place of work (NCHRP, 9). The provision of documents with guidelines for the construction supervisors and engineers is meant to equip these groups of people with the requisite information with regards to each and every material so as to equip them with an in-depth understanding of the different materials. [...]

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