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Schneider presents the best manufacturing processes to satisfy customers' requirements

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  1. Assessment of management about manufacturing and logistical processes
    1. Material management and push system
    2. Pull Production and Kanban
    3. Purchasing management
    4. Conclusion of the part
  2. Influence of process engineering on logistical processes
    1. Schneider ergonomics, safety and environmental rules
    2. Reduction handling
    3. Rationalize and standardize designs, processes and equipment
    4. Continuous improvement
    5. Conclusion of the part
  3. Analysis and Ideas for improvement
    1. Assessment of management about manufacturing-logistical processes
    2. Influence of process engineering on logistical processes
    3. Conclusion of the part

During the course of BA in business management (final year), we had to work in a foreign country. To improve my level of English, I took up an internship in Nu-Lec Industries, a company of Schneider Electric located in Brisbane in Australia. Schneider Electric is a worldwide company known to the entire world. The company is one of the best global specialists in energy management. This company owns more than 200 manufacturing units in more than 100 countries. I worked in logistic department where my job was to understand the different logistics methods. The objective was to analyze and suggest improvement solutions about the logistic and manufacture processes. The global management processes are powerful and are based on modern technologies. This experience was a successful stint and enabled me to gain practical exposure on a larger scale.

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