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City logistics in Europe

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  1. Introduction
  2. The process of market research on the Internet
    1. Recall the general approach of market research
    2. Choosing the format of the study
  3. The data collection
    1. The choice of a method of data collection
    2. Choosing the format of the questionnaire
    3. The risk of bias
  4. Conclusion

Most major European cities are now facing the need to preserve their heritage and commercial dynamism, while running optimally, all the activities of the city, and limiting the risk of congestion and pollution associated with movement of vehicles, which has been increasing for 30 years. According to the LET (Laboratoire d'Economie des Transports) and ADEME, half the particulate emissions from transport in a city come from transportation of goods, while the latter represents only 20% of vehicles/km. Therefore it seems essential for the vitality of cities to better organize the transport of goods. The stakes are of three kinds: functional, economic and urban.

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