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Chester Barnard: Theory of the leadership

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  1. Company Presentation of Decathlon
    1. The company
    2. Justification for the choice-SBA
    3. Logistics
  2. Environment of Decathlon
    1. Current market situation of sports
    2. The environment at Decathlon
  3. The sectoral analysis
    1. Competitive forces
    2. Strategic Groups
    3. The different strategic positions
    4. Generic strategy
  4. Defining Key Success Factors
    1. Managerial Expertise
    2. Marketing Expertise
    3. Products
  5. Strategic Analysis
    1. Internal factors
    2. External Factors
    3. Analysis of Strengths - Weaknesses - Opportunities - Threats
    4. Analysis


Chester Irving Barnard is an important author in the field of Management Science. Although his theories are not often used they are significant for this area. His theory of the organization is an innovative concept which integrates the functions of the management that lead to the appointment of a leader. He also states the functions that are associated with the role of a leader. A formal organization is achieved by the continued cooperation, genuine willingness of individuals to work together in order to achieve organizational goals. Barnard also talks about the constituent elements of the organization. The concept of authority, decision-making, the system of rewards and communication channels are permanent and interrelationships form a coherent whole to ensure this permanence and the survival of the cooperative system.
The framework formed consists of the nature of the work of the leader and of the future managers, the continued operation of the organization, the definition of the communication system and a duty of responsibility that combines a complex character and the creation of moral codes for the organization.

I - The author

Chester Barnard was born in 1886 and died in 1961.He began working for the Bell Telephone Company in 1909 and was appointed the 0chairman of the company at the age of 41.He left the company in 1948 to become the chairman of the Rockefeller Foundation until 1952. During his lifetime, he wrote 37 articles and a book called ?The Functions of the Executive' it was published in 1938 by Harvard University. It was this nook that brought together several of his ideas on management.

Tags: Chester Barnard's leadership theory, the concept of cooperation in organization, attainment of organizational goals

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