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Creating the New American Hospital

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  1. Introduction.
  2. The book.
  3. The team and the organization.
  4. Finances and profit.

Written in 1993, Creating the New American Hospital: A Time For Greatness by V. Clayton Sherman still has lessons for the twenty-first century hospital. Though issues such as the rise of managed care, cost constraints, litigation and malpractice, changes to Medicare and Medicaid, and low morale on the part of physicians and nurses, were only beginning to develop in the early 1990s ? the Health Security Act was still a political possibility, as was even a move toward single-payer healthcare ? the book remains vital reading as regards issues of management and professional development. Regardless of the economic framework of healthcare, the team concept is flexible enough to work and to create healthcare organizations that are profitable, productive, and ? of course ? save lives.

[...] The Book Creating the New American Hospital is a handbook of sorts, with direct commands/suggestions for managers looking to reshape their hospitals and work teams. The advice is conversational and to the point. For example, at one point, Sherman remarks advise organizations to stop doing supervisory training and management development until they are willing and able to make organizational change." (Sherman, 182) Sherman declares that the result of doing such things, for example, would lead to great increases in management morale and an empowerment of employees; once they are able to make changes, they will make changes, and those changes will be tied into the goals and benchmarks created by management (as opposed to changes designed primarily to suit individual managers, departments, or employees). [...]

[...] The anti-management team structure is fairly common in the literature these days. Management's job, according to Kreitner and Kinicki for example, is the facilitation of achievement through an understanding of the interconnectedness of employees, clients, customers, vendors, competitors, and other stakeholders. A manager is like an alpha wolf leading a pack. Thus the emphasis is on groups and group performance. Individuals join groups, or are assigned to groups, to accomplish various purposes. Formal groups are groups that organizations establish to facilitate the achievement of organizational goals. [...]

[...] Sherman, in a later text, declares: The New American Hospital is not market driven but values driven. One of its values is Customer satisfaction, in which we choose to serve the market, not be driven by it. The old repressive culture of yesteryear's hospital is eradicated. In its place is one of celebration for the many achievements?job joy and satisfaction in creative work, where ideas are born and problems killed instead of the other way round. (Sherman p. 159) Sherman claims that there are seven "key results areas" (KRAs) upon which managers must focus: 1. [...]

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