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"Structure and dynamics of the organizations" of Henry Mintzberg

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The method of proof used in this book is very simple. In fact, the author chose to compile and organize many studies and publications available rather than making major theoretical demonstrations, for the construction of models to clarify the whole existing organizations. Indeed, taking the studies that are highly targeted with the comments on the panels of organizations are reflections of reality, and the author illustrates this point. He then sorts the results of different studies to conduct classes for a given phenomenon.

This book is as accurate as a treatise on anatomy with respect to the structure of an organization. Or, to use the image chosen by the author, these are all elements of a banquet. Indeed all phenomena: selected results of a study on the structure and functioning of an organization is classified and studied in comparison with other similar elements to become the pawn of an elementary complex figure. This has the merit of being comprehensive, understandable by the majority; in fact it is interspersed with illustrations and examples.

The risk against it is trying to classify all phenomena in on-set too high, to draw up a schematic image of reality too. This vision 'schematizing' mode of operation and all related phenomena, which is the result of all this demonstration, the book is offset by a crop: a relativization of this mapping is available, but only briefly commented on, in the first part of the last chapter.

The entire work is generally structured according to four stages: The division of all phenomena in non-sub divisible elementary elements, their hierarchy, the search for causes, followed by a study 'exhaustive', in terms of a bibliography published over 300 publications. So it is a Cartesian approach to the problem of the structure of organizations has been favored by the author in this book.

The approach proposed by Mintzberg in his book is comprehensive, for that it completely excludes the individual in his power plays, social interaction and bounded rationality, to study only the masses by dividing by major functions , the actor is absent from the book. And although the book was largely written in France, they are studies in the English-speaking world (Cadan, United States, England) that are used to illustrate the point. The political dimension of the organization is completely absent from this analysis.

Indeed the organization is studied here in its internal component, its interaction in the economic, political and social are not addressed. Therefore, it is very difficult to determine what the choice of one or other of the structures by an organization could, if they had any, affect the environment directly or indirectly.

This book is now dated for over twenty years is still relevant as a reference for the comprehensive description of all organizations in their mechanisms.

The latest part of the conclusion is very interesting for its openness to the future. Indeed it would seem unrealistic to think that once the structures described at a time T, they must be set in stone and no longer have to move. For as the author says, it seems the study of some observations (Stinchcombe 1965) that the structure adopted by an organization often reflects the time when the industry was founded.

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