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Advertising and communication

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  1. Context
    1. Opportunities
    2. Problems
  2. Objectives
    1. Objectives of the campaign
    2. Measurement standards
  3. Target
    1. Target
    2. Drivers for action
  4. Marketing Communication Mix
    1. Concept
    2. Selection of the marketing communication MIX
  5. Budget
  6. Message delivery system
    1. Medias
    2. Non-medias
  7. Regulatory requirements
  8. The ad and elements of the campaign
    1. Poster
    2. Advertising brochure
    3. Press dossier

The goal of our team is to imagine, create and execute an advertising campaign for the launch of a new hospital. This is a huge project because a hospital requires a lot of resources for its smooth and efficient operations. That means that before, during and after the launch, the project needs to attract and bring together lots of people from different areas: investors, doctors, surgeons, the media and, of course, people and patients.

A hospital is an important institution as it fulfils the critical role of providing essential health and safety services. Our hospital will be named the ?Abraham Jacobi Hospital?, in reference to Abraham Jacobi, a pioneer of the infantile diseases research in the United States in the 19th century .

The idea here is to find a concept of hospital that can be accepted unanimously by all. A common concept that usually brings people together automatically concerns children. Issues regarding the well-being of children and general health have always enjoyed the support of people The union of the two can be a real factor of success, at least for attracting the attention of people.

So our hospital will specialize in the research and the treatment of rare infantile diseases. It will be based in Paris for several reasons.

First, in order to gain international recognition, the hospital has to be accessible to patients around the globe and not just the French. As one of the top ranked cities in the world, Paris is an ideal location for the hospital.Also, a badly located hospital will not be successful in attracting internationally renowned doctors and surgeons.

[...] Moreover, they will be present in the events organized during the campaign and will relay the information by displaying posters and presenting the advertising brochures in their establishments. Advertising about the hospital will also be present on the website of these two entities, which will be a strong relay of information for free. When? As in the case of Papin, these partnerships also need to be concluded before the inauguration. Advertising brochures What? Brochures will be published to inform the general public and the parents of diseased children of the existence of the hospital, its way of working, its means and its policy. [...]

[...] Advertising brochure The brochure will sum up the key information regarding the hospital and its functioning. It will resemble the content of the website. This is the plan of the brochure: Presentation of the hospital (photo of the establishment) Diseases concerned Services of the hospital (and especially mention the famous professors, doctors and surgeons) The care given to the children during their stay Address, phone number, website IX. Planning Planning of the inauguration: August 2009: Sending the invitations and press dossiers to the people concerned (journalists, parents, the Mayor, the Minister, partners). [...]

[...] It will be present on all the communication mediums like the billboards, the website, brochures and in the hospital. b. Selection of the Marketing Communication MIX In order to gain credibility, the hospital will require some relays in its communication. That is why networking will be used, with doctors, professionals and the city hall playing a critical role in the campaign. Press coverage will also be used. The credibility of the hospital depends also on the relay that the media offers. [...]

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