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Advertising and communication plan - the mobil home

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  1. Definition of our mobile home and its features
    1. Function
    2. Problem or opportunity that it solves
    3. The brand name
  2. Reaching our audience
    1. What is our target audience?
    2. How do we select our target?
    3. What drivers are the consumers responding to ?
  3. Delivering the message
  4. Regulatory issues
  5. Final Campaign

The mobile home we come up with is between middle range and high range of accomodation for hoildays. Its features are the following: luxurious and designed with being a warm and cozy home at the same time. Besides, a 'blancket' roof structure, metallic structures, and isolating sandwichs boards. The main driver for the target selection is the self-actualisaton, in fact the customer wants to find an improvement in the luxurious places he/she usually visits. Thus, it totally corresponds with our product. The problem, or need that previously existed, is that the consumers are not always satisfied by with hotels: they seem cold and impersonal, especially when we compare it to a proper home. The idea of coming up with this kind of mobile home is like feeling at home in the country of your dreams; with a touch of luxury and high tech sophistication. A meaningful and memorable brand name has been invented: Lounge Freed home. Together with the slogan 'a sweet touch of luxury for your uniqueness', it transmits the values of design, comfort and authenticity for holiday makers in trendy places.

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