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Advertising and Communications: Case study

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case study
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  1. Introduction
  2. The product
  3. The description of the product
  4. Technical characteristics of the luggage
  5. The audience
  6. The message
  7. Regulatory issue
  8. Final campaign
  9. Conclusion

The aim of this paper is the launch of a new product, under the name of a new brand. The product that I have been assigned is: A new line of luggage. Nowadays, everybody use luggage. The popularity for tourism, adventure travel increases the demand of specialty luggage. Indeed, a part of the global population travels for their work. And this part of the population needs specific luggage product. Nowadays, luggage is becoming a fashion accessory. The company creates luggage with trend colors, ergonomic design and new textures in order to have a competitive value. But several companies invest in Research and Development in order to innovate more and create luggage with high quality material and advanced features. Manufactures companies try to answer to customer needs according to the society evolution. We see in the luggage market, since several years, products strongest and lightest. They are many competitors in the luggage market in the world. This competition is based on the finest brand name, product quality, product design and price. But customers take care also at the innovation, the ad value of the product and at the customer service. The luggage market is a market important in the world. But, the crisis in 2008 has affected the market because the number of traveler has decreased. The luggage market is dependent on the travel industry. In 2009, the travel industry has decreased of the 3%.

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