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Amy's Ice Cream

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  1. How the group planned the presentation
  2. How the group made use of time and resources
  3. The learning outcomes for the Presentation
  4. Case problems posed and solutions Proposed
  5. Communication strategies employed
  6. Positives and negatives associated with delivering the presentation
  7. What would you have differently?

The case study we examined and presented on was entitled Amy's Ice Cream and came from the chapter on service encounter. This report will outline how we as a group organized and managed our presentation and detail what we would do differently if given a second chance. The planning for Amy's Ice Cream presentation began at the beginning of the 3rd week of the midterm break. Of the five group members, only three of us could be physically present for the first meeting as the other two team members were visiting their home countries. Therefore these team members were contacted a number of days before the meeting was scheduled and an agreement was reached where we would use instant messenger to liaise with each other as the meeting progressed. We used instant messenger to consult them on ideas and points which were being raised during the physical meeting in Dublin. This allowed them to express any ideas, questions or concerns as regards the project in hand. We felt that this was an excellent compromise as we benefited from the input of all team members and also it avoided confusion which would result upon their return to Ireland on April 1st.

[...] Internet searches were also used and information was obtained through websites such as Amy's Ice Cream's official website, the Chartered Institute of Personal Development and YouTube to find theory, current best practices in interviews and also videos of ice cream stores. Another valuable resource which was used was an interview we completed with an employee of a Ben & Jerry's Scoop Shop. This provided us an insight into how larger ice cream service firms operated their service encounter and allowed for an interesting comparison with Amy's Ice Cream. [...]

[...] Presenting on Amy's Ice Cream allowed us to improve our oral communication skills as well as our project management skills (In the development, planning and preparations of the presentation). As this was a group assignment, we were able to learn from each other as all of us seemed to have complementary skills and knowledge. Finally the presentation format allowed for us to obtain feedback concerning the material we covered. The class asked questions and this highlighted to us what we may have left out or not explained in enough detail. [...]

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