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Analysis of Sony Corporation

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  1. Introduction
  2. Evaluating Changes Executed in Sony
  3. Forces that have created the Need for Change in Sony
  4. Applying Various Change Theories to Implement Change in Sony
  5. Evaluating Likely Resistance to Change and Dealing with It
  6. Conclusion

Today's business environment is rapidly changing prompting organizations to have agility towards change direction and speed their responses to dynamic macroeconomic elements. Grounding operations for efficiency and existing strategies is not enough for organizations to thrive given the unforgiving business climate. Typically, almost all organizations are changing to retain the relevancy in their target market and guard it against potential invasion from rivals. However, staying ahead of the pack requires crafting and implementing innovative organizational structure ? a strategic network ? that works in tandem with the traditional management hierarchy, giving it the agility to react to market changes more quickly than ever before (Kotter, Accelerate, 2012). Given that the world is speeding as it erodes existing acquired advantages, establishing strategic networks entails engaging all organizational members to generate a self-accelerating engine for organizations to stay competitive. Ideally, procedures adopted by most organizations during change management, yield few benefits as they slow down the execution process. For instance, organization employees at the bottom of the execution hierarchies avoid acting without getting permission even when they are fully aware of the required solutions.

[...] Next, generating the vision for change by considering all solution and linking the concepts into one vision that all organization people will grasp and remember easily. This ANALYSIS OF SONY CORPORATION 9 would take the form of developing the short summary which captures the company expected position in the future for the employees embrace intended results for the directives offered by the change team make sense. At this point, communicating the vision frequently would counter the strong competition emerging during the daily communications within the company. [...]

[...] Identification of potential threats through scenario analysis of present and future operations through honest discussions to inculcate urgency energy would avoid bumpy change processes and short term losses for the corporation. Secondly, breaking away from the traditional organization hierarchy in forming powerful coalitions to spearhead changes would create an influential atmosphere as the change coalition is mandated to enhance team performances. Cautious assessment of the weak areas in the change team would ensure the appropriate mix is obtained from various departments and levels. [...]

[...] Such has been the situation facing the Sony Corporation owes to an interplay of factors such as tough economic climate in 2008, the Great Japan Earthquake, over dependence on international partnerships, exposure to fluctuating exchange rates, fierce competition in its market segments. However, restructuring the company will create a turnaround in the recovering global economy. This would involve creating and reinforcing a changing climate that would deal with emerging resistance to change from the organization people. ANALYSIS OF SONY CORPORATION 12 Bibliography BBC News. [...]

[...] Although none of other competitors operate in all market segments served by Sony, the competition has intensified following innovation culture at Apple, Samsung and LG Electronics. Interestingly, the American firms' profitability growth was negligibly affected compared to the Asian firms whose quicker recovery period adversely affected Sony's operations (BBC News, 2013). ANALYSIS OF SONY CORPORATION 7 Internally, the company conducted restructuring programs on a small scale in contrast to other operators such as Samsung Inc., and Apple Inc., who conducted major overhauls to their operations. [...]

[...] (2013, August 05). Sony Corporation Sends Letter to Third Point. Retrieved September from ANALYSIS OF SONY CORPORATION 13 releases/sony-corporation-of-america/2013/sony-corporation-sends-letter-to-thirdpoint.shtml Jick, T. (2003). Managing Change: Cases and Concepts ed.). New York: Irwin Publishing. Kotter, J. (2012). Accelerate. Retrieved September from Kotter, J. (2012). Sony's CEO Is Right About New Strategy Execution. [...]

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