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Auchan Group: Presentation and analysis of its organization

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  1. Introduction
  2. External analysis
    1. Definition of the industry
    2. Analysis of economic forces affecting the industry (PESEL)
    3. Industry Analysis: Porter's Five Forces
    4. Industry segmentation
  3. Internal Analysis
    1. Defining the Enterprise
    2. Resource Analysis
    3. Skills Analysis
    4. Balanced ScoreCard analysis
    5. Analysis of Corporate Governance
  4. Final analysis
  5. Conclusion

The Auchan Group was chosen to be studied to be able to analyze the performance of a large French distribution group. Since the first store opened in 1961, Auchan has grown steadily. In 40 years, the group became a major retail group worldwide.

Auchan is organized by profession with a hypermarket branch, a branch and a branch marketplace combining the activities of the company. Thus, Auchan is growing. Auchan has a very paternalistic organization and family, which brings about certain limitations. Indeed, how can Auchan compete globally with its characteristics of family businesses?

The company history is as follows. In 1961 Gerard Mullen created the first store in Roubaix (North) in the district of ?High Field? which gives its name to the company. The company was located in an abandoned factory, with 600 sq ft of retail space and over thirty employees. The first hypermarket was opened in 1967. Already a gas station, the hypermarket completed the look.

In 1971, the company began to develop outside the town of Lille and new activities started emerging around the hypermarkets (specialty stores, boutiques and restaurants). The capital of the company was opened to employees in 1977.

The Group established its own banking subsidiary in 1983. It was the birth of the card agreement.
1996 marked a turning point with the merger of Auchan and Docks de France group, which has 52 stores in France double its size. The hypermarkets are increasingly and some 5,000 jobs are created in the next 4 years.

The real estate subsidiary of the Auchan Group is Immochan, a developer specializing in commercial zoning since 1997. The company aims to control the design, promotion, marketing and facilitation of its centers based on marketing techniques.

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