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Australian Red Cross - Integrated Marketing and Communication

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  1. Introduction
  2. Communication
  3. Australian Red Cross
  4. Integrated marketing
  5. Conclusion

Communication has become equally challenging and inevitable in this era of globalization. An integrated method for communication and marketing has to chosen because they have the power to persuade the viewers to realize the organizations goal. This essay comprises of a detailed analysis of the integrated communication strategies adopted by Australian Red Cross- the power of humanity and an evaluation of the effectiveness of the strategies they adopted. Australian Red Cross has been successful in promoting their cause and realizing their goal set until now. But communication has become challenging to them due to the advancements in technology and globalization.

A new era is unfolding in the fields of advertising, promotions and marketing communications (Clow & Baack, 2007). All these processes are done through means of communication which is a combination of transmitting, receiving and processing of information. The process of communication if effective, will act as glue between different organizations and entities where as its failure ensures disaster to organizations. Communication has become inevitable because of the shrinking world in spite of the fact that their expenses are all time high. Because encoding and decoding to masses will not become a success unless a proper medium is chosen and communication is a continual process.

[...] The corporate identity of Australian Red Cross is composed of both tangible elements and intangible elements. The tangible elements include factors like services extended, promotions & communications, name & logo and employees. The intangible elements include the ideas and beliefs of the corporate personnel, media reports, the culture of the company, and their policies (Clow & Baack, 2007). A combination of all these elements forms the corporate image. Australian Red Cross has been very careful about choosing their name tag which happens to be ?Australian Red Cross- the power of humanity' which leads to a cognitive interpretation of the message by the participants and the listeners. [...]

[...] For maintaining this stand in the public they should be careful about the five main elements that combine to make an impression on the public. They are advertising, media, public relations, internet and sales tools. Red Cross has a unique way of combining awareness and fun in advertisements which is well appreciated for both its humor and content. They also advertise on newspapers. Apart from the various forms of advertising, Red Cross has a magazine which is titled Humanitarian', which is published thrice a year (Humanitarian, 2011). They update their process and inform the public about their new promotional programmes. [...]

[...] The communication climate in Australian Red Cross is that of mutual respect and about how they turn their efforts to help people. They tackle the problems with an attitude of problem orientation which gives the last importance for ego and other conflicts. By this method both the participants give their best in solving the problem without trying to be defensive on a personal basis. The common attribute that is given importance in the context is humanity. This strategy helps them to move at a faster pace switching projects to projects . [...]

[...] Financials 2009-2010. Carlton: Australian Red Cross. Australian Red Cross. (2010). Our Story: a year in review 2009-2010. Carlton: Australian Red Cross. Australian Red Cross. (2011). The Humanitarian winter. Carlton: Australian Red Cross. Australian Red Cross. (2011). The Humanitarian Autumn. [...]

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