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Bill Gates Entrepreneurial Activity

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  1. Introduction
  2. Microsoft Corporation
  3. Bill Gates
  4. Conclusion

The popular thinking of entrepreneurs in the recent past has often aimed at accomplishing what one wants by studying the opportunities and putting their strategies in shapes that work for them. Besides, entrepreneurs prefer embracing emerging opportunities through sheer persistence and setting different platforms from the crowd rather than commit to many years of usual beating on the wall, hoping it would transform into a success door. Often, with the best entrepreneurs rarely speaking of every detail in their secrets of success, their excellence is drawn towards the attributes of passion, persistence and initiatives as the winning prescriptions at the entrepreneurship pitch. Entrepreneurship is formally put as embracing the risk of starting an enterprise with the information gathered and assembling the resources required without losing the spirit. However, without prior experience in the field, entrepreneurs easily lose heart and are unable to filter through the relevant concepts, thus dooming their ingrained ideas to failure. Despite the absence of a guaranteed formula to attain enterprise success, as prosperous entrepreneurs demonstrate unique paths; their thinking is ingrained to continue acting, learning, building and repeating the cycle as their initial ideas morph over time.

[...] How to Change the World: Social Entrepreneurs and the Power of New Ideas. Oxford University Press. Bowen, A., Dhaliwal, S., & Jones, P. (2007). In Conversation with Habitual Entrepreneurs. Hospital Review, 36-43. Brown, P. B., & Maddock, M. (2012, November 11). How To Become A Successful Entrepreneur. Retrieved August from Bruni, A., Gherardi, S., & Poggio, B. (2008). [...]

[...] The dramatic expansion in the company has been in tandem with the unbroken strings of profits despite facing fiercely competitive and fast-changing industry (Hall, 2012). Currently, the company operates in the five segments: Windows & Windows Live Division (Windows Division), Server and Tools, Online Services Division Microsoft Business Division and Entertainment and Devices Division (EDD) (Google Finance, 2013). Far beyond its Redmond lab research it conducts research at the Advanced Technology Labs Cairo in Egypt; Advanced Technology Labs Europe in Aachen, Germany; Advanced Technology Labs Israel; FUSE Labs, Extreme Computing Group (XCG) in Redmond; and Station Q in Santa Barbara, Cambridge (1997), Beijing (1998), Mountain View, and Sadashivnagar (2005) in India (Microsoft Research, 2013). [...]

[...] The success of Gates and his co-partner Allen is grounded to seizing the opportunity by nurturing ones talents and abilities through hard work and living to purpose. The speed of thought coupled with a desire to attain the full potential by taking one step at a time, and finding time to review and improving existing capabilities transformed the path Gates and Allen assumed. Mainly, their investment is built on five pillars: studying the competition, being firm, focusing on the internet, not paying attention to success and creating conditions for development to hop off the crowd (Hunter, 2013). [...]

[...] Twohig, J. (2012, November 29). What Motivates Bill Gates? What Influences Provided The Motivation? Retrieved August from Ucbasaran, G. A., Westhead, A. P., & Wright, M. (2008). Technology Entrepreneurship. Foundations and Trends in Entrepreneurship, 309- William, H., & Lopatka, J. E. (2009). [...]

[...] Gates motivation in the entrepreneurship emerged since enrolling in the Lakeside school, which presented a more challenging environment. In this environment, he utilized the newly acquired teletype computer terminal which enabled him nurture his interest in computer machines. Further, besides his great score in the class, his acumen in business was motivated by upholding a policy to nurture one's interest. Similarly, his early family life characterized by competitive streak instilled by his parents, plus his school's decision to embrace early computer technology and his meeting with Paul Allen, contribute the perfect storm which made Gates the person and entrepreneur he is (Twohig, 2012). [...]

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