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BNP Paribas : creation of a data base about top-of-the range customers

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  1. Presentation
    1. BNP Paribas group
    2. French Retail Banking
    3. The branch of Versailles (Appendix 1)
    4. The division of `Sales promotion`
  2. Construction of the data basis about the top of the range
    1. Preliminary elements
    2. The form
    3. Construction of the data basis
    4. Continuation of the mission
  3. Division of International Trade
    1. Operations for Import
    2. Operations for Export
  4. Feeling about the company and the training
    1. Feelings about the mission
    2. Feelings about the training
    3. Feelings about the company

BNP Paribas is a bank which boasts a strong financial structure, a large portfolio of brands, and expertise in terms of the new banking distribution channels, and the use of new technologies. It is also a powerful efficient financial service group created through a successful merger, with solid roots in Europe, leading positions in Asia and an active presence in the United States. The period of probation has been done in the branch of Versailles. Each branch follows the global politics. But they are also autonomous in their management and are managed by different divisions, like the 'Sales promotion' division is aimed to promote the bank towards customers and their prospects. The proposed mission is to create a data base of customers from the top-of-the-range, in the town of Versailles. In a few words, potential customers for the branch of Versailles have to be found. Moreover, this project has a commercial dimension of preparation for its different prospects.

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