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Body Shop, the Corporate Citizenship

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  1. Men's cosmetics industry
    1. Product definition
    2. Evolutions
    3. Demand trends
    4. Supply analysis
    5. Industry shareholders
  2. The behavior of the consumer
    1. Demand segmentation
    2. The buying process
  3. The case of Nickel enterprise
    1. History
    2. Its consumers
    3. Supply of goods
    4. Nickel and its competitors
    5. Consumer expectations with respect to Nickel
  4. Recommendations

The card-index reading followed by the article of the Expansion, Nathalie Villard, takes the famous example of the company Body Shop, which was created in 1976. This shows that for some, the profit is not any more one aim in itself but a civic act. Admittedly this article goes back to 1992, but Body Shop is today still a reference in regard to the company's citizenship and knows to preserve its image and to continue its actions in spite of certain difficulties which will be detailed later on.

Anna Roddick is the founder of Body Shop, a cosmetics company. Body Shop is now a multinational company which operates in 50 countries believes that ?the company has undertaken an advantageous a moral duty towards doing its civic duty". At Body Shop, one does not speak about beauty but about wellbeing: the products either clean or protect, but by no means promise to overcome the wrinkles or let us capitalize on them.

Whereas the other cosmetic companies are the largest advertisers of women's magazines, Body Shop does not make any effort for advertising, marketing or packaging of their products. The savings thus realized make it possible for the company to finance its multiple projects, which in turn follow five key values: against the tests of the products on the animals; support for the equitable trade; activation of the personal regard; defense of the human rights; protection of the planet. To the question how much that costs, how much that pays, Body Shop does not bring an answer.

Through all the actions that have been carried, the details of which are mentioned in this article, the company tries in fact to educate, to make the citizen more responsible and "to make this ground more harmonious". That is to put into practice inside the company, by a management responsible and participative and a drastic selection of the employees. Body Shop wishes that its network of collaborators and retailers will be strongly linked by the same community of spirit.

As for the investors, they recognize that it is the ethics of Body Shop as much as the quality of its products which ensure its success, and thus their interests. Roddick proved many times that moral profitability and principles are not paradoxical.

Tags: Body Shop, corporate citizenship, corporate citizenship practiced by Body Shop

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