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Boeing: Management Skills

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  1. Where is the Boeing organization going in terms of strategic direction?
    1. The goals of the company
    2. To compete Airbus : an offensive and defensive strategy
    3. A competitive advantage
    4. The Asian market:? the market of the future?
  2. How is the organization doing so far in relation to the direction it has chosen?
  3. Where and why is the organization doing well? Where and why badly?
  4. Boeing SWOT analysis
    1. Strengths
    2. Weaknesses
    3. The growth of the international traffic: a determining opportunity
    4. The unsafely on the aircraft market: a real threat
  5. Porter's five forces
    1. Bargaining power of suppliers
    2. Bargaining power of consumers
    3. How easy it is to enter the market
    4. Competition from substitutes
    5. Rivalry : Competition between firms

In order to answer the three question concerning strategic moves that Boeing should take to
-achieve profit stability within the global aerospace industry
-increase its market share and
-align its global strategy with its global structure, some structure points have to be explained.
The American aircraft company Boeing is "the world's leading aerospace company and the largest manufacturer of commercial jetliners and military aircraft combined". The three main strategic goals of this company are to be aggressive in the launch off new models, to exploit new markets and explore new technological opportunities. Since its creation, Boeing has been profiting off the American Government aid, by assistance in export sales and favoring it on the American market. All these advantages permit the company to be more competitive than the second giant of the market: the European aircraft consortium Airbus. Thus, the strategic direction of Boeing is notably directed towards competing with its main competitor Airbus and preventing the entry of new competitors.

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