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Brand management : Study of an International Brand

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  1. Brand identity
    1. Figurative elements
    2. Narrative articulation
  2. Brand plateform
    1. Mission
    2. Vision
    3. Positioning statement
    4. Brand signature
  3. Chupa chups and its consumers
    1. Chupa Chups brand image vs its competitors
    2. Competitors
  4. Brand extension
    1. Diversification
    2. International branding

The opinion leaders that Chupa Chups uses as endorsers for its products can be anyone who is famous regardless of age. These include erstwhile footballer Fernandez, the former trainer of the Paris Saint-Germain ,who endorse Chupa Chups through public consumption, and who, during his reign as coach of the Athletic Bilbao, sucked on Chupa Chups in order to restrain himself fromsmoking. Opinion leaders are appropriate targets for inspirational cool brands like Chupa Chups owing to their positive role in dictating new trends that are initially exclusive and their ability to demonstrate that Chupa Chups is a brand not only for children. Scientists differentiate between Nutritive Sucking and Non-Nutritive Sucking. Nutritive Sucking (NS) is directly related to nutrition and the absorption of essential nutrients. Together with the chewing process, sucking helps absorb the nutritive components of food. It is the absorption of these nutrients through the walls of the mouth that contribute to a quick feeling of fullness. Non-Nutritive Sucking (NNS) is not directly related with a nutritional need but serves a more psychological purpose as it contributes to a feeling of warmth and security.In both cases, sucking is a natural, normal and healthy reflex and it is in fact necessary behavior for very young children and babies. Sucking on a Chupa Chups lollipop may be related with both types of sucking, but especially non-nutritive. The main healthy elements of this candy are Isomalt and Vitamin CIsomalt has the same volume, texture and appearance as ordinary table sugar. This means that products which contain Isomalt do not lose out on the sweet taste that sugar normally provides products such as hard candy and lollipops. Isomalt helps prevent tooth decay and reduces the formation of plaque and has a lower caloric value compared to ordinary table sugar. Tags: Brand Management, Brand Image, Chupa Chups nutritive value

[...] It is positioned as a family, universal, friendly brand whereas Chupa Chups is much more individualistic, provocative, and trendy. It is good to eat Haribo in society, to be integrated into the group, to do the same as the others. On the contrary, it is good to eat Chupa Chups, to claim one's uniqueness, to differentiate from the others. Haribo is continuity, follows the rules and the patterns of the society, whereas Chupa Chups is rupture, breaks the rule and patterns. [...]

[...] Indeed they often do not care much for the brand of a lollipop but as they are familiar with CC and know it is the best, they will buy Chupa Chups Brand community The brand has a community that is reflected on the website which features a chat room for each product so that people can share their impressions with other consumers. However, it does not seem to work so well as there are very few messages. Brand communities are often more active when they can oppose another brand, but there is no other strong brand in that field like Pepsi for Coco Cola. [...]

[...] Thus, it deals with a positive sanction, and kids and even adults will buy and recommend it Brand platform 2.1 Mission 4 are a group of confectionery companies defined by innovation and universal appeal. We will further strengthen our brand's international leadership by offering original, unique products for the ever-changing global community. We will promote employee pride through personnel development, dedication to customer satisfaction, and upholding our shared values.? 2.2 Vision It is the so called ?Entertainment for Every mouth, Everyday with Passion, to create superior customer satisfaction, Pride in our role in society, while enjoying our work and Performance, in our quest for phenomenal results.? 2.3 Positioning statement Chupa Chups wants to target: Kids as they are supposed to be the ones that eat more sweets. [...]

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