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Business Ethics : study of four scenarios with teaching notes that can be used to introduce ethical topics for discussion in a business ethics class

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  1. Scenario 1 - work and relationship
    1. Take the co-worker aside and tell her to stop making the comments
    2. Go to your manager and tell her what the co-worker is saying
    3. Keep to yourself and make no comments to anyone in the organization
    4. Go to Human Resources and report your co-worker's behavior and threats
  2. Scenario 2 - work and gift
    1. Have the salesperson speak to her supervisor
    2. Call the legal department
    3. Decline the gift
    4. Ask for a copy of the contract
    5. Tell the salesperson to ship the supplies and receive the stereo in a few weeks
  3. Scenario 3 - numerous incidents of insider theft
    1. Keep quiet and continue to work under those unethical conditions so you don't ruin your relationship with your manager and friend
    2. Go above his head to the District Manager and bring the proof of all the transactions
    3. Confront your manager and tell him you know and threaten to tell if he does not cease his unethical behavior
    4. Let him accuse innocent employees and let them get fired for his unethical behavior
  4. Scenario 4 - a new employee could be pregnant
    1. Since the offer letter is still pending, tell Paul you accidentally heard the candidate might be pregnant
    2. Ask your coworker in Human Resources to ''accidentally'' mention the new employee may be pregnant
    3. Ask your coworker to advise the new employee to tell the supervisor she is pregnant
    4. Say nothing. Knowing that your coworker in Human Resources honestly let confidential information slip

You have been working for a large corporation for three years. The job is tough and you have fought your way up the ladder of success. The manager of your department was your co-worker from two years ago and the power has gone to her head. She is overly demanding and has ?my way or the highway' attitude that grates on your nerves daily. Six months ago, Trish was hired in a position three levels above yours due to years of accounting and SEC reporting experience. Trish and your manger never see eye-to-eye on any issues and there are daily battles between them that you observe. This person talks non-stop most of the day and sits across from you in a cube environment. One day after a particularly ugly discussion with your manager, this person comes to you and informs you that she is going to quit her job and sue the company. She believes that the manager is treating her unfairly and that it constitutes harassment. You smile politely and blow off the comment as just anger being vented due to the current situation and go on with your day. As time progresses, you hear this same comment about suing the company several more times from your co-worker and you hear her discussing this with several other members of your department. What do you do?

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