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Business process management of Dr. Reddy’s laboratories, India

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In this paper we choose a manufacturing organization to study an in-depth analysis on how Business Process Management helps the organization to integrate operational activities and supply chain. The objective of this research paper is to provide in-depth analysis on an organization's Business Process Management (BPM) activities. It aims to study the methods by which the organization supplies its products to the target market and how the supply-chain processes are integrated with BPM. The paper also focuses of discussing about four major areas of quality such as product, processes, people and promotion. In the end, this research paper also provides recommendations to improve the current BPM and supply chain processes.

Dr. Reddy's Laboratories is one of the largest pharmaceutical organizations in India. Established in 1994, Dr. Reddy's Laboratories have been providing innovative and affordable medicines to its customers across the world. With three major business lines such as pharmaceutical services, active ingredients and global generics and proprietary products, Dr. Reddy's Laboratories is known for trust and quality products. Having headquarters located at Hyderabad, India, Dr. Reddy's markets its products across the world (Dr. Reddy's, 2012).

[...] Key Areas of Quality: Product, People/Processes and Marketing Delivering quality products or services is very important for any company to retaining employees irrespective of the size or brand of the company. Companies need maintain quality majorly in three areas. They are product, people, processes and promotion. If a company maintains quality in these four areas, it can sustain in the market in the long-term. Producing quality product is the major priority for any organization. But it is not possible to deliver a quality product without quality people and production processes. [...]

[...] So, there is no doubt about delivering the quality product as for as Dr. Reddy's or its partners are concerned. Conclusion Dr. Reddy's Laboratories is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in India with 3 major business lines. With the hierarchical organization structure, its strength is involved in partner network base, which are located across the world. These partners help Dr. Reddy's in taking care of several subcontracting manufacturing activities as well as the promotional activities of the products. Dr. [...]

[...] SAP ERP integrates all functional departments of the company to ensure instantaneous communication and information sharing. As Dr. Reddy's Laboratories undergo FDA audit every year, it helps the company to maintain great infrastructure to produce the rare and important drugs. In my view, the integration of both ERP and BPM gives a best possible integration to the production environment, inventory and delivery. Most of the companies just implement either ERP applications or BPM solutions but pre-integration of BPM with ERP solution would give best possible results in streamlining supply chain procedure. [...]

[...] Reddy's to manage the entire sales activities. BPM, for sales team, acts as customer relationship management software, where with the helps of configuring business rules, newly added prospects can be assigned to a particular sales person in the team. The advanced BPM helps sales people to co-ordinate with the customers till end of the sales cycle, which completes only after the product is delivered and amount is collected. Unless the product is delivered and amount is collected, Salesforce BPM denies the closure of the order. [...]

[...] With nearly 20 years of experience in the market, top management of Dr. Reddy's know how to maintain the quality by adopting latest technologies. It is true, in today's environment, that quality can be maintained only by following industry's best practices. Best practices, sometimes, might be adopting enterprise based applications, recruiting best quality employees, or having a network of partners who can take your company to all the corners of the world. Dr. Reddy's Laboratories have been doing everything perfectly. [...]

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