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Business-to-business messages

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  1. Introduction
  2. Forthcoming price change
  3. Analysis of letter one
  4. Requesting information
  5. Analysis of the other letters
  6. Conclusion

In today's economy, the importance of proper grammar and language becomes more prevalent as companies strive to gain market share and growth within their product field. Education within all societies at the present time is a higher priority than in past decades, and many companies require a minimum of a four-year college degree to obtain an interview. It is of extreme importance that the contents of a business letter be personalized to fit whoever the target audience may be. One must learn to alter a formal tone when it comes to business-to-business letters.

Learning to deliver the primary messages is critical to its success. The purpose of this paper is to analyze several business letters for content, clarity as well as the business ability of both sender and receiver. By learning to compose a business letter using this tone and properly conveying the initial message is a critical tool to the success of the business. The letters contained within were selected at random, and the analysis of each is included below.

[...] Suite 818 Houston, Texas 77487 Dear Mr. Eller: We are manufacturer of PVC Plastic Piping for residential and commercial use. I would like the opportunity to introduce our product lines to you for your consideration in the construction of the proposed replacement water system in the community, which you represent. I want to meet with you in person in accordance with your schedule, please let me know your availability and for your preview the product lines are shown on the website I look forward to receive your favorable reply and look forward in establishing a business relationship with you. [...]

[...] Improving Business Communication Skills (4th ed.). : Pearson Education. [...]

[...] I am personally affiliated with another company, which manufactures plastic piping and due to the nature of the relationship, would borderline on conflict of interest. Nevertheless, I am in contact with other companies daily who typically require the same products as your company for their own projects, and will recommend your contact. I wish you well in your future business ventures. Sincerely, Rick Eller President & Owner References English Club (1997-2012). Retrieved from english/correspondence-price- change.htm Roebuck, D. B., & McKenney, M. A. (2006). [...]

[...] There are also several other grammatical and formatting errors in addition to basic business communications. It is not a good practice to end a business letter ?Faithfully yours? and would be better ended ?Best regard? as opposed to using the former closing indicate that the sender intends to use the product solely. Additional details should have included the type of product the sender is developing as well as the intended languages required for translation including the English language, rather than saying ?apart from the English language. [...]

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