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Career management: Objectives

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  1. Introduction
  2. Personal swot analysis
  3. Transferable Skills Audit
  4. IT and IS industry
  5. IT in Financial Industry
  6. My Long Run Objective
  7. Conclusion

To have an overview of my personality and to look for the best environment for my future career, these are the areas that I need to assess carefully before making my career plan. The eight factors above can be grouped into three main types: personality type, occupational interests, skill and personal values. A thorough understanding of these factors will picture myself clearly enough to know what is the most important factor in deciding my occupational fit.

In preparation for this, I took several psychometric tests, including Verbal Reasoning's and Numerical Tests, Emotional Reasoning Test; Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment and Strong Interest Inventory. Strong Interest Inventory is an online questionnaire that is used to generate individual's occupational interest, by comparing one's interest with workers from over other 100 careers with various interest scale. The result was as I expected, I am fitted with jobs in the back office, which will be proved further by the Myers Brigg Test. The Verbal Reasoning assess one's English communication skill in the written form, his/her understanding of the text as well as ability to extract the underlying meaning in an understandable format to others. The result of 60% suggests that I am adequate of meeting the communication requirements for any analytical role, to understand and interpret reports and to convey information to others.

The result of Numerical Test is also above average, which is 76%. This means I have good numerical ability and can process data. The test of Emotional Reasoning measures the ability to identify what emotions people are feeling in a situation as well as his/her ability to predict one's emotional response. This is extremely helpful in building a good relationship with others. Unfortunately, my Emotional Reasoning test result is not that good compared to the other two test above. The result of 42% indicates that I can sometimes identify emotions in others but unable to predict their future emotions. Although it does not mean that I am unable to communicate with other, I am just insensitive to others' feelings.

[...] to anyone concerned while still cost effective expertise. Internet is an absolute source besides other normal on-ground ones that banks need to strongly invest in order to most efficiently communicate with customers and sell its products. Future prospects The graduate recruitment scheme in Financial Services industry seems to operate in a routine. The recent economic crisis also does not appear to affect its routine severely. Although there are job-cuts in many accounting firms and banks, many financial service organisation view the newly come talent as their future successful managers, that is why normally banks or any other organization keep the recruitment scheme on a yearly basis. [...]

[...] G-RESEARCH G-Research produces quantitative investment research, software and IT systems for use in investment management. It focuses on developing technical solutions in combining technology and trading. Overview: Location: Central London Number of employees: 200+ Number of graduate vacancies per year overall: 13 G-Research regards software development as one of its core business strategy therefore business need can be fulfilled with a specific software group. In order to ensuring that the firm business technology would excel its rivals, the position of Software Developer is strictly chosen through the criteria of passing technical challenges and quickly adapting to new technologies ability. [...]

[...] The mock assessment center was a very bizarre experience. It is important to grasp the objective of the role and focused on the job given to finish it on time. Although I already had done some researches in Rent-A-Car, the assessment centre was still out of my expectation because I could not answer some questions successfully. In real assessment centre, the stressful environment and competitiveness may affect an introvert person like me significantly. I had hard time remaining calm and tried to be as professional as possible while I was presenting. [...]

[...] However, I think my problem is more on my communication skills since English is not my first language. Actually the feedback and interviewer's reaction was quite surprising to me. Some common questions are easy since I have already prepared carefully for it. I realize that the more evidence and examples I can give to the interviewer, the better result it is. In my opinion, the mock interview was quite helpful to me, and will still be very helpful in my life. [...]

[...] Accessed via: The AGR Graduate Recruitment Survey 2013, CFE. Accessed via: urvey_2013_Winter_Review.pdf 2013 Top 10 Predictions for the EMEA Financial Services Industry Revealed by IDC Financial Insights. Accessed via: Ghaziri, H. (1999) Information technology in the banking sector :opportunities, threats and strategies, Graduate School of Business and Management, American University of Beirut PART 3. HOW DO I GET THERE? My Long Run Objective years) One of my highest objectives is to establish a corporation by myself so in five years, my long-run target is to be a senior IT manager in a large financial services organization. [...]

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