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Case Study: Accenture: the 5 cultural dimensions

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  1. Accenture: the growth of a global leader
    1. Accenture is an American management consulting, technology and outsourcing company
    2. Accenture is an international company
  2. Accenture and the cultural dimension
    1. The internal Accenture organization
    2. Accenture and the 5 cultural dimensions

The main change of the century is that local markets are not big enough for industries. The future of any company that wants to be bigger than its competitors is to go international. Selling a product won't be the hardest of things that companies will have to face while going international, but the cultural adaptation will be one of the hardest things. There are different kinds of adaptation, the product adaptation, the administrative and law adaptation, and the cultural adaptation that can be the one where facing a client as the one while creating a subsidiary somewhere. In this report, we will study the cultural adaptation basing our analysis on the 5 cultural dimensions of Geert Hofstede. These 5 dimensions come from an analysis done by Geert Hofstede while working at IBM and trying to understand the employees attitudes at IBM worldwide. Even if we will go through more details during the analysis, it is from now important to know that the 5 cultural dimensions of Geert Hofstede help individuals and companies to understand, analyze and compare the culture of different countries. To support our analysis we will look at the Accenture strategy towards international markets. How did they become one of the leaders in their sector? And how did they manage to be present everywhere in the world?

[...] It leads individuals to understand how they can become one of the leaders:[16]?High performers recognize shifts in the landscape before they happen.? Those two sentences reflect the two cultural dimensions very well. The English are competitive and individualistic; the French have a bit of that orientation, but the main point is that they want to evolve as individuals and grow into a group. Uncertainty Avoidance Index: (UAI) This ?Deals with a society's tolerance for uncertainty and ambiguity; it ultimately refers to man's search for Truth.?[17] The graph reflects that the French culture has a higher rate for Uncertainty Avoidance than the English one. [...]

[...] Masculinity versus femininity represents an assertive and competitive character when femininity will be more modest and will carry more values. Here again the difference between the two country are considerable. The English culture has more masculinity than the French culture. We come back to the others cultural dimensions in UK people are more individualistic, competitive than in France. I will reinforce this observation by the statement that Accenture uses on its website at the top of the page on the page on inclusion and Diversity; a page directly dedicated to present and future workers. [...]

[...] The first part will focus more on the organization of Accenture with their groups, and their strategy in each group, while the second part will be a deep analysis and comparison of this strategy with the 5 cultural dimensions of Geert Hofstede. The internal Accenture organization Accenture has set up different values within each group. First of all, each country has an independent website with different internal organizations and values. In order to be clear and to analyze properly each situation, we will focus on the websites of two different groups and countries, the English and the Irish; with the subpart England and the French website [...]

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