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Case study: DHL

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  1. General Aspects
    1. History
    2. Mode of development of Nike
    3. Key figures and developments
    4. General Management
  2. Strategic marketing implemented by Nike
    1. Analysis of the competitive environment of Nike
    2. Application of the PORTER model
    3. Mapping of the different strategic groups
    4. SWOT Analysis
    5. Identification and analysis of key success factors
  3. Analysis of strategies implemented by Nike
    1. Differentiation Strategy:
    2. Diversification strategy

DHL is the world's largest service provider in the field of express and logistics serving more than 675,000 destinations worldwide. In the Benelux countries, DHL is the only one to offer a range of services ranging from as wide courier service Rapid logistics solutions. On land, sea and air to the four corners of the world.

DHL is born from the merger of Van Gend & Loos Euro Express, DHL Worldwide Express and Danzas. The DHL network links 120,000 destinations in over 220 countries and employs 150,000 people worldwide. In the Benelux countries, 12,000 people work to ensure that DHL and their customers are served in the eye and finger.

Among these employees, there are drivers and messengers, but also sellers, shippers, customer service staff, warehouse and many other functions, both full time and part-time. DHL moved to Belgium in 1978 and today, 10 sorting centers in our country.

DHL is the global leader in air express transportation of documents and parcels between different countries. A consignment is entrusted to DHL and transported the same night en route to its final destination. All DHL shipments arrive in a few days, often on the day.

The sorting center in Zaventem (the "HUB") is the European sorting; the world's largest outside the United States. It may, indeed, sort about 900-1000 tons of documents and parcels within 4 hours.

The DHL group is divided into four specialized parts, namely: DHL Express which includes all delivery services, documents, packages and services LCL (Less Than Container Load); DHL Freight: Specializing in delivery across Europe to complete or partial loading of cargoes and special; DHL Danzas Air & Ocean: Focuses on air transport, maritime and project cargo industry specific; and DHL Solutions: Responds to all requests relating to chain management of storage.
Together, these four entities engage about two billion items and more than forty million of merchandise per year to over one million customers throughout Europe.

The sorting center is located in Zaventem, a commune in the province of Flemish Brabant in Brussels, the capital region in Belgium. Brussels lies at an altitude of 50 meters. It is therefore in a hilly area. There is no river or stream known through Zaventem but still the Willebroek channel does not go very far from Zaventem.

Several highways are present in the vicinity of DHL and the airport. We can meet the major highways like the E19 towards Mons, Paris or Amsterdam, the E411 via Namur and Luxembourg or the E40 towards Oostende or London (arriving at Dover in England via the Ferry).

The hub of DHL is the site of the airport, Brussels National. A train station is located in Zaventem. It is especially frequented by people who want to get to the airport.

In fact, Belgium is situated practically in the center of Europe. So it's easier to send parcels from the country. This saves considerable time and given the speed of sorting, saving time is something relatively important.

Many European companies are decentralizing and prefer to go in developing countries because labor is cheaper. DHL will be gaining economically since the decentralization of business to the East will enable them a salary review for each worker.

DHL is accessible via several modes but it does nothing concrete to the company except the hillside of the Brussels National Airport.

Brussels is the economic center of Belgium, where several seats are large multinationals; the position of the DHL sorting center in Zaventem allows them to hold parcels sent by air to locations in other countries on the spot.

Tags: DHL, history of DHL, location of DHL, accessibility of DHL sorting center

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