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Case study: Green Kitchen

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  1. Introduction
  2. What are the comparative advantages of the Green Kitchen compared to a classical kitchen?
  3. What are the benefits and dangers of a green/sustainable positioning?
  4. What are the customer's expectations?
  5. Develop a marketing strategy for Whirlpool, Green Kitchen product
  6. Conclusion

What is distinctive with respect to alternatives on the market? -Reduce environmental impact: smart and eco-efficient appliances, interconnection between the appliances allow to avoid water and energy wastes. -Save up money and time: for example time with the handy-dandy ressource assistant to provide information for cooking and program appliances, also thanks to high energy efficiency. -Intelligent design: thanks to the adaptation of the volumes the envirnoment is more flexible, it allows to personalize your environment and to save place. -We can implement this kind of idea in the workplace with intelligent and eco-friendly technologies. For example on computers, light, heating it is possible to save money through intelligent components that adapt the electricity consumption to the needs (number of persons in the room, temperature, use of the computer).

[...] Control cost, competitive compare to traditional appliance Educate the customers the perception of the global cost and advertising the innovation product Verified the effects of the product, face to face Putting green products on most obvious place 4. Develop a marketing strategy for Whirlpool GreenKitchen product a. Who are the target customers for this product? A large audience or a niche? The target customer for this product is a population describe in the case, the cultural creative. This group represents now a large part of the adult population (more than 80 million (2008) in the United-States and about 8 millions of French people (most of women)). [...]

[...] Take advantage of the legislation and public policies: More and more countries, above all in Europe, make policies to enforce green positioning (like tax cuts or public subsidies). Currently it is not yet very interesting but in some years it could be detrimental to not be green positioned. Save water is a important advantage in the countries concerned by water restrictions. Dangers: A risky gamble: it needs huge invests. In some markets (in particular the emerging ones, which are the most growing markets), sustainable development is not an important issue. [...]

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