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Case study of Microsoft France (December 2006)

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  1. Identity and characteristics of the EasyGroup
    1. Presentation of the group
    2. A strategic business model
    3. What possible diversification strategies are possible for EasyGroup?
  2. Strategy behind the creation EasyCruise
    1. The cruise industry in the Mediterranean at the time of the establishment of EasyCruise
    2. Establishment strategy of EasyGroup in the cruise market
  3. What future for EasyCruise?
    1. Evolution of the cruise industry
    2. Implications for EasyCruise
  4. Conclusion

Multinational companies have been in existence for a century now and their structure and organization has been repeatedly studied. But these companies are so big that they evolve with their organization.

Moreover, it is necessary to understand that multinationals today have more things to do with those of the early twentieth century, especially as the economies of developed countries today are service economies, which was previously not the case.

It is within this framework that Microsoft is interesting to study. It is a company that derives most of its value added knowledge, technology, and the personnel who work there.

Microsoft is interesting to study: it is a company that derives most of its added value of knowledge, technology, and therefore men and women working for it. Microsoft's capital is not in factories but rather in offices and research centers. It is also interesting to question the motivation of people working in this company, which is nothing less than the second largest market capitalization in the world (behind Exxon Mobil and GE front).

The name Microsoft comes from the contraction and MicrocomputerSoftware. Its head office is located in Redmond, Washington. Microsoft Corporation was founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen. The company markets in particular software and peripherals for PC. It is the largest publisher of computer software in the world, with for example more than 90% market share of industry operating systems with its flagship Windows. In fact, Windows, operating system, is available in many new versions, and has become a standard in the computer.

In addition, the company offers equipment such as PC peripherals, game consoles, Xbox, Zune digital music players and Internet services. Microsoft is also one of the largest stock market capitalization. The company employs approximately 63,600 people worldwide and is led by Steve Ballmer.

Microsoft Corporation was founded in 1975 by two American students, Bill Gates and Paul Allen, who created a new computer language. Microsoft then continues its development in a variety of other forms of programming languages. Via Windows, Microsoft has established itself as the leading player in micro computer.

This dazzling economic success is also linked to strokes of marketing genius. These include the addition of key "Windows" on PCs in order to mark it in the minds of consumers and limit competition by this trickof marketing.

Later, Microsoft will ensure that this lead is the ergonomic advantage allowing Windows to survive against the competition. This advance is due to the fact that Microsoft spends much of its budget on usability. Indeed, a service complies with all the hesitations of novice users to improve the software and then facilitate the use of Windows.

Windows then became de facto number one and now it is too late for competitors to propose an alternative that is commercially viable. However, the history of Microsoft can not be reduced to that of Windows. Other important parts of Microsoft's business have growth: application software (Office), software, games, encyclopedias, games consoles, MSN, Google etc.

Microsoft has always evolved and followed (or govern) the computer revolution. The company quickly controlled the whole area of personal computing and has become an essential player in this sector. This earned him much criticism of its dominant position.

Tags: Case study, Microsoft France, evolution of the Microsoft company

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