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Case study: 1001 lists (2005)

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  1. Introduction
  2. Strategic decisions of Michelin
    1. Positioning of the company
    2. Targeting strategy
    3. What strategies of Michelin differ from other brands of tires?
  3. Internal analysis
    1. Innovation, quality, productivity
    2. Segmentation
    3. Information system
  4. External analysis
    1. Micro-environment: Partners of Michelin
    2. Competitive analysis
  5. Conclusion

1001 list was established more than six years ago, in May 1999. The concept was simple, to allow the bride and groom to make a single wedding list via the website ( or with an official listing in one of the twelve showrooms. Attentive to the tastes and expectations of the bride and the groom, the head list helps to compose a customized list, without necessarily having to travel to all shops.

It is this innovative concept of Orgeval Pauline, founder of 1001 lists, that allowed him to enter an industry where giants are present in retail stores, companies such as Printemps and Galeries Lafayette

Despite this strong competition, 1001 lists a record growth in the number of lists of registered marriage and thus its turnover. Its success, the company owes to its innovative concept that is based on more close and friendly approach to the bride and groom, as well as its multishopping facilities. Friendliness, choice and convenience are three advantages that department stores can not offer today, and that make1001 lists itself as a key player lists of marriage, even calling into question the monopoly established by its main competitors.

1001 lists, which offers alternative services to those in the Spring and Galeries Lafayette, is the first wedding list service via multiple stores. Through the Internet, telephone or twelve showrooms, the bride and groom may file a single wedding list with the company, which gives them access to 400 partner shops of related services.

On this market, the principal heavyweights are the two main stores, Printemps and Galeries Lafayette. Faced with these two giants of essential consumer products, 1,001 lists intends to propose an alternative offer.

Initially positioned with high-end lists, 1001 has rapidly expanded its offering and hopes to target to a much wider consumer base. This is why the network of partner companies (400 companies and nearly 40,000 products) is very wide, including stores such as Decathlon and galleries of contemporary art.

The company holds 3% market share and has over 4,000 wedding lists to its credit. While it is not yet there with the results achieved by the Galeries Lafayette (25 000 listings) or Spring (12 000 listings), 1001 lists keep seeing the number of its lists increase since 2000 (from 800 in 2000 list to 2800 in 2003) unlike the other two giants who tend to experience stagnation in their sales lists.

Of the 300,000 marriages that take place each year in France, half results in gifts. Department stores account for about one third market share with 40,000 listings, tour operators and other third party retailers, remains last as this third consists of those that are newlyweds and on which the company intends to position itself, as as this represents a margin for growth.

The company put on more close and friendly with customers. There in lies its value. That's why the company wants to expand by opening new branches in the other regions of the country. This is one of its priority development options. The company will also increase the number of shop partners to further expand the range of 40,000 products already available to provide a wedding list.

Tags: 1001 lists- wedding list company, business operations and development, case study

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