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Change Management

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  1. Statement of the problem area
  2. Issues
  3. Change agent(s)
  4. Target(s)
  5. Statement of Theory
    1. Key Concepts and Definitions
    2. Functional Approach
  6. Change management plan
    1. Change goals
    2. Instrumental
  7. Strategies to overcome each obstacle
  8. Conclusion

A new employee in an organization is a common scenario owing to the need of replacing or acquiring new skills. Such new employees partially receive brief information to know their workplace, their duties and a few other relevant details to their responsibilities. This way, employee integration for them supposedly involves learning the culture and history of an organization with time. This should not be the case because employees need comprehensive orientation including learning about the culture and history of an organization in the first few days before they start working in an organization. Thus, I propose a comprehensive orientation for new employees as a way of change management. This can be very useful, as employees will know what is required of them, the history affiliated with their new jobs and successful history of the company. Creating a positive attitude towards the organization will prepare them morally and mentally to know what is expected of them and how they should conduct themselves within the organization. I will be rejoining the company after my graduation and I expect to improve in the area.

[...] Thirdly, culture mechanisms comprising formal and informal provide sense of organizational norms. Lastly, initiating connection points through vital interpersonal relationships and transition networks will keep them informed to foster self-efficacy. As one expected to assume leadership and take over the company, I expect to keep up the success line of the business and this is one of the strategies am using in prior preparations Relational Every person feels bad when seen as incompetent. My proposals may be good but the HR manager may take it as if I perceive him as incompetent by raiding his office with new ideas. [...]

[...] Secondly, the manager will believe that I am a goal-oriented individual since my initial idea turned out to be a massive success. Therefore, he will take up my idea as long as it has relevant facts and data. Moreover, I am soon joining the firm as one of the managers and will use the influence to establish my ideas. Besides, my father who is the majority shareholder in the company has given it a goahead and may use this to win over others. [...]

[...] Secondly, we have been friends for a long time and when I used to work under him, I had proposed a change strategy in the office that was set up and worked successfully. I will maximize the trust he has in me to propose my new change strategy to him Target(s) A. Personality Employees in an organization can do much better if they understand their organization fully. Most of new employees are pleased to take challenges and explore new environment. B. [...]

[...] I am dedicated to making the success enjoyed by the company to scale even greater heights with proper employee orientation. This will be useful in preparing them and making them adapt fully to the organization easily and fast, while avoiding potential inefficiency resulting during informal onboarding. CHANGE MANAGEMENT 5 II. Statement of Theory A. Key Concepts and Definitions B. Functional Approach Prospect theory This theory indicates that individuals reach their decisions by analyzing and considering the change, either a loss or gain. [...]

[...] In this regard, I propose this comprehensive orientation Change agent(s) A. Personality The human resource manager is the change agent who is an altruist as he can go that extra mile to accommodate others. He is also cooperative and aggressive as he is determined to make the best out of his job. Since I worked under him before, I came to realize that he has a human touch and values other peoples' opinions. Additionally, his willingness to sustain connections to the organizational objectives, enables him establish vital interpersonal relationships ideal for onboarding new employees. [...]

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