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CHANGE MANAGEMENT changing process in a fast food restaurant

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  1. Necessity to combine the economic value and organisational development theories to be successful
    1. Economic value theory
    2. Organisational development theory
    3. Combination of these two theories in the company: Mac Donald's application
  2. The TMT to implement and control changes
    1. What is the transition team management
    2. TMT rule in the Mac Donald's restaurant
  3. 8 steps to implement changes in the company
    1. 1st step: establishing a sense of urgency
    2. 2nd step: forming a powerful guiding coalition
    3. 3rd step: creating a vision
    4. 4th step: communicating the vision
    5. 5th step: empowering others to act on the vision
    6. 6th step: planning for and creating short-term wins
    7. 7th step: consolidating improvements and producing still more changes
    8. 8th step: institutionalizing new approaches

The ?change management' in companies is clearly one of the most difficult challenges to address for organizations. People are apprehensive towards making changes and do not like to modify their working habits because they fear the unknown. Today, with the pressure of the market and the changing environment, companies must implement new processes and systems within their structure in order to heighten their efficiency and face the new challenges of their business. Many theories and practices exist in order to facilitate the implementation of these new challenges to ensure efficient business strategies are considered and increase the profits. This report analyses and shows how this implementation must be realized by adopting new strategies and theories.

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