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Change management:

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  1. What is change management?
    1. Individual change management
    2. Organizational change management
  2. Implementation and management of change within organizations
  3. The Label-park's case study
    1. The organization itself
    2. The impact of globalization

I chose to apply the learnings of this course in the Label-Park company in order to give it a competitive advantage. It is the company where I am undergoing my internship for more than six months now. I indeed know the functioning of the company and the implemented processes; therefore I know what impact could have on the implementation of another strategy within the company. is the European shopping community for surf/skate/snow and lifestyle addicts. organizes sale events with top brands from the boardsports and lifestyle industry with reductions of 30% up to 70% on store prices. Every week it offers products from a different brand for a limited time period of 3 to 5 days. As the stock is limited, only Label-Park members can enjoy such special sales. The company is growing fast all over Europe and the customers are on the rise. The managers have also a great vision for the company and one of the long term objectives is to make it competitive in the global market. Indeed after having achieved a strong leading position in Europe we will internationally expand and try to be a competitive player in the context of globalization. In this study, we are going to see the changes we could implement in the company's strategy and organization to make it more efficient in the actual context of globalization.

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