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Change management: the case of the french Land Army

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  1. Change management
  2. The military context
  3. The former and the actual army
    1. What was obsolete?
    2. Specific military relationships
    3. How to improve the functioning
  4. Change management within the land army

As a number of companies of the civil world are considering amendments for better prospects, it is the French land army which is concerned about occasional reconsideration. This phenomenon has developed particularly during the last decade. Indeed, the change in its missions resulted in a significant change in methods and its consequent functioning. Therefore it was in the year 2001 in France, the conscription arose wherein, compulsory national service had been suppressed in order to open the door to a fully regular army. Thus, through this analysis we can underline the difficulties in applying change processes and systems in the army management. Indeed, the army, which is full of traditions and specificities, does not possess the mechanism of a company, so it's impossible to revolutionize everything in a trice. Nevertheless, the French army has evolved very quickly over the last 10 years and has struggled hard to develop its ideal shape, with an important reduction in manpower. The transition towards this new army was partly dependent on the new management which was accurately formed without considering important problems. The exception however vested in the delicate question of the budget. In conclusion, it is the truth that ?The army is changing; with time and geopolitics.'

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