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Citibank Analysis

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  1. Introduction
  2. Saving products
  3. Credit cards offered by Citibank
  4. Best card for family members
  5. Conclusion

Citibank in UAE was founded in 1964. Since then, it has excelled in the field of banking. It offers a variety of services across the region including trade finance, advisory services, syndications and security in financial services. Citibank has worked to become the world's leading international bank by developing new technologies to make banking easier. It has won many awards in the fields of cash management, foreign exchange, corporate finance and portfolio products. With all this technologies, it has enabled its customers to enjoy the best banking services ever. Saving products are suitable for people who have plans and want to earn interest. Savings account offers services to people who do not want to use their money on short-term needs. It offers services to all the customers who do not have many transactions within a month. Savings accounts offer a number of services in different currencies, namely, UAE Dirhams, US dollars, Pounds Sterling ant the Euro. Customers can earn interest rates and receive monthly statements through their mobile phones or by visiting the bank. Banking services to savings accounts can be done on the phone where the accounts holder receive alerting messages to confirm their transactions Savings can be accessed anytime anywhere in all the branches and ATMs. The bank offers various saving bank accounts, namely, the savings account, call account, time deposits and unfixed time deposits.

[...] Call account offers suitable services for customers who want to save and earn interest on their deposits. Mainly, it is suitable for people who have long term saving obligations. Account balances accrue interests so the driver will be able to earn some more cash to add on his investments to buy a car. Progress of the accounts status can be accessed through the Citi banks alerting services. Busy customers like the driver do not have to leave their tight schedule to personally seek for banking services from the bank. [...]

[...] DeMark, T. R. (1994). The new science of technical analysis. New York: Wiley. Datamonitor (Firm). (2000). Citibank N.A. New York, NY: Datamonitor. Bhagavatula, Ramachandra., Cleveland, H. B., & Citibank (New York, N.Y.). (1980). GFI Global financial intermediation: Economic analysis and policy issues. New York: Citibank's Economics Dept. [...]

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