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Clothing/ Fashion trends in the 2000s

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  1. Introduction
  2. Trends in clothing
  3. The 2000's
  4. Impact of fashion on society
  5. Conclusion

Fashion in clothing means the current or prevailing style acceptable to most people, and widely used. Fashions come and go, while others later undergo a redefining process after some time to change their outlook (Kim 15). The decision on what to put on, for most people, depends on the current style of a particular dressing. Experts in the fashion industry refer to the 2000s period as a mash up decade (Bryan 21). This involves fusion of previously discarded trends in clothing with the current styles, and a mix of various subcultures to define the clothing industry. These years indicate a vast improvement in fashioning, and considerable shift from different styles into the current ones in use up to date.

The trends in clothing during this decade are numerous, ranging from men's choices to women's dresses. The period before 2000s characterizes a dressing involving fittings and other types of clothes which completely covered the body. Men, for instance, wore khakis while robs were typical in women. The shift in fashion trends has seen tremendous changes in types of clothing people have. Most notable trends of the 2000s include; three piece suits, double breast suits, mixture of formal and casual wear, Crocs, Bleached Jeans, Flared Jeans, Top lighted jeans, tassels, suit vests, jeans skirts and all tight clothing among others (Bratburd 45). These appear fashionable for most people in current times, and to some extent, fashion even defines individuals. This paper gives an analysis of each fashion, and why it appears appealing to individuals plus its descriptions.

[...] Another popular fashion trend in the 2000s is the Crocs. These are plastic materials with small holes worn on the feet. Their unique feature is that all genders have their make. However, it raises significant concern in the materials of their make, considering plastics take a long time to decompose, while these shoes wear out quite fast. Crocs are common in the fashion industry today, and most people are comfortable having them in the city. In addition to crocs are bleached jeans. [...]

[...] Fashion impacts a lot of things in the society. Beginning the year 2000, fashion develops a rift in social class differences amongst people (Crane 34). It is in this regard that people who afford expensive designer clothes segregate themselves, and belong to a particular ?class'. On the other hand, people who obtain clothes (from thrift stores) are unfortunate, and struggle to find a place in the society. This is the primary influence of fashion in societal development since the previous decade. [...]

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