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Club Med - audit of corporate communication

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  1. Strategy Analysis
    1. The State of the overall market demand
    2. Competitive Analysis
    3. Regulatory Developments
  2. Research of the strategic choices
    1. Conceptual Analysis
    2. Strategic approaches
  3. Justification of strategic choices
    1. Justification in relation to internal capabilities
    2. Justification in relation to the changing environment
  4. Change in Strategy
    1. Changes likely
    2. Advancement
  5. Rationale of the strategy by a strategic analysis tool
  6. Analysis of coherence between the strategic choices of the firm and the accounting and financial information.
    1. Structure Analysis
    2. Evolution of the operating cycle
    3. Analysis of results

Today when one speaks of the Club Med or other tour operators, one thinks systematically about holidays, sun and relaxation. But that's not all. At the time of sustainable development and taking into account the economic and political development of this company, Club Med, like its competitors, can no longer be restricted to a simple product, it needs a corporate communications.

Thus, opening on the holiday market upscale, friendly, multicultural, Club Med is positioned on high performances in terms of comfort and services and establishing itself as a reference of a link to the builder and happiness with the seriousness and dynamism of its GO.

This company relies on innovation and thus renewing its offer to attract customers 'leisure' of the luxury hotel. It was on these points that Club Med communicates through its various media: "The Club Med vacation innovates and creates refined, generous vacation and map your dream." But is it enough?

These messages are present, relevant and consistent in all the corporate communications for Club Med. "No desire for being locked up in the vacation center", "holidays organized", "not of opening on the culture of the host country", are the many reasons the people gave when they were interviewed and asked why they would not go to Club Med.

So one will see some discrepancies between what the Club Med states in its corporate communication and the image that the people have. Thus, through an audit of corporate communication of Club Med, this study will try to give an overview of what the company communicates, what are its goals, communication tools and more importantly, what are the points that could be optimized for efficiency.

Club Mediterranean is a leader for over 50 years in the tourism sector and was at its onset, a pioneer of all-inclusive holidays, 'where one lives at their own pace, in places that is always a paradise'. This group was established in 1950, had corporate status and became a limited company in 1957 after the arrival at the head of Gilbert Trigano in 1954.

Since 2002, Club Med is committed to a number of changes, by offering and by redesigning as per the expectations of a clientele who are seeking outstanding holidays. By opening the market segment of high quality vacation which has friendly and multicultural environment in Club Med combines the signature with high performances in terms of comfort and services and establishing itself as a reference in the field of vacation prestige while capitalizing on its ability to create the link and happiness due to the professionalism of warm and constant availability of its GO.

Recently, the Club Med took advantage of the introduction of its new strategy and its new positioning to completely overhaul its corporate communication and to create something coherent enabling it to transmit a common message to all its partners. Indeed, this analysis, will highlight the fact that Club Med's identity is relayed through the same medium with the various stakeholders. Values, the spirit of Club Med are intangibles, but shared by both nice organizers, employees and members.

Tags: Club Med; corporate communications audit, new strategy

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