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Comprehensive analysis of the management of Publicists Group in an economic risk

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  1. Presentation of Publicist group (inventories of fixtures)
    1. Communication- market presentation
    2. The Publicists company in a competitive environment
  2. Publicists in house
    1. Study objectives
    2. Analysis of corporate governance publicists
    3. Functional analysis of Publicists
    4. Internal analysis
    5. Evaluation of the organization
    6. Analysis of company results
  3. Our recommendations

The advertising market is a highly competitive market where the main objectives are the acquisition and the keeping of budgets. In addition to an aggressive strategy, it is important for the company to play these relations. We will present the communication market based on a competitive analysis.
1. Communication market players.
It is important to know the different market actors in order to understand the process of publishing an advertising campaign.
Advertising is an enterprise that wishes to communicate on a transaction or product.

Advertising agency is the company which advises advertisers and sets up communication strategies. It gives advice regarding the media. It also realizes the creative aspect of the campaign.
The media agency is the company which advises advertisers on their strategies and supports media-planning. It also buys advertising space.
The state-owned media agency is the company which sells advertising space. It is usually a subsidiary or a partner of the media concerned, or a provider that runs several campaigns at once.

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