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Consumption of alcoholic beverages by students

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  1. Introduction
  2. Methods
  3. Results/Findings and Analysis
  4. Conclusion

Consumption of alcoholic beverages by students in campuses in Colorado has been converted into the order of the day. This proposal purposes to find out the dangers and effects of alcohol consumption by students in the institutions of higher learning. Students are so much engaged in the act of drinking alcohol to the extent that some of them attend lectures when drunk. This study seeks to find out how dangerous alcohol consumption is to the students and how it affects the educational process as a whole.

This study will employ a qualitative, cross-sectional regression analysis in which the study sample of 30 students and teachers, 60% of which are male, will be analyzed. 40% of the whole study sample will be composed of students who do not drink alcohol. Data will be collected through the survey techniques including face-to-face interviews, observation, and questionnaires. The study will focus on the drinking lifestyles or trends and its effects in the institutions of higher learning including.

[...] Works Cited Abbey, Antonnia. Alcohol- Related Sexual Assault: A Commmon Problem among College Students. Department of Community Medicine. Detroit: Wayne State University, n.d. Print. Burns, Larry A. "Limiting High-Risk Drinking in Students." Ezine @rticles,6 Sept Web Oct . [...]

[...] It was a research carried out to find out ways to reduce the harm of alcohol to students.It was found that, some of the causes of irresponsible drinking was due to the atmosphere; thus, it was concluded that both the community and the campus should create an atmosphere that will help reduce the risks of alcohol to the students. This research study is useful since it not only states the effects of alcohol to university students but also gives information about risks of alcohol consumption by the students. It is useful to my proposal because it outlines a wide range of effects of alcohol consumption,such as accidents, engaging in physical fighting, sexual harassments, and even death. Kremer, Michael and Dan Levy. [...]

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