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Corporate communication

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  1. Introduction
  2. Mercedes Benz: One of the top best companies to work for
  3. "What happens when u swear at your users" Illustration of bad corporate communication
  4. Conclusion

Today, every factor of a business plays a role in the building of any corporate reputation. One of the main objectives and strategy of CEOs nowadays, is to protect and maintain their company's reputation through corporate communication. Over the past decade, corporate communication has been seen as one of the most valued strategic tools in business organizations. Indeed, building corporate reputation starts with communication. Why is corporate communication such a big deal? Communication within a company, whether internal or external, is a true key success; actually it reveals to be a strategic function that leads to a competitive advantage, hence the need of a good management of corporate communication. In fact, what is corporate communication? Corporate communication is a management function that implies managing relationships with the organization's stakeholders. The purpose is to build favorable reputation with stakeholder groups by communicating about the company to guarantee an access to strategic resources. This system of relaying information is actually the bridge between the corporation and the stakeholders. In order to have a better understanding of how a corporate communication works and what the process implies, let's have a look at the concept itself. Corporate communication is a message issued by a corporate organization or institution to communicate in terms of its image and its reputation. The message has to be identical, coherent, and credible to hope for success.

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