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Corporate Governance and Business Ethics of Air France/KLM

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  1. Overview of Air France / KLM
    1. Brief presentation
    2. Theory
  2. Corporate Social Report Analysis (Air France / KLM, 2006)
    1. Stakeholders
    2. Key issue of concerns, impacts, challenges and company's responses

Global warming, water pollution, child labor, and human rights: All international firms now have to cope with many social problems. It is becoming common practice for multinational companies to make a report in order to clarify, to explain and to justify the company's actions and the way they manage their challenge through responses. The aim of this essay is to analyze the social report of Air France / KLM and look for responses from the group in order to point out an evaluation of their Corporate Social Responsibility. Corporate Social Responsibility is the way firms allocate the responsibility of the result of their action on the different stakeholders. This is done while assuming that the impact of their activity is a key point, but they also have to cope with the Corporate Governance and the Business Ethics. According to A. Cadbury (1992), corporate governance is "the system by which organizations are controlled and directed". The system of management affects the company's behavior in terms of decision-making such as social, environmental or marketing decision

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