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Cross cultural issues in International Business

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  1. Should we attract British people
    1. Background
    2. Concept
    3. Opportunities to relocate this concept in England
    4. Place
    5. Customers targeted
    6. Promotion
  2. Workshop structure and staff management
    1. Structure
    2. Staff management
  3. Customers management
    1. Implementation with the mix

The L'atelier des chefs brand is a good example of how important it is to have a structured management in contemporary society. With the daily grind of the corporate culture leaving an indelible imprint on the workforce, it has become increasingly important that leisure and recreation companies develop in tandem with products and services companies. With the advent of globalization, geographical barriers have been breached and contemporary society is now looking forward to leisurely activities that can cater to this pan-global taste. This document examines the concept of the L'atelier des chefs brand, its workshop structure and the staff management.

L'atelier des chefs has been created by two brothers Nicolas and Francois Bergerault, graduates from commercial French school. This concept has taken off from their love for the French cuisine of which the only rule which was to keep it simple and healthy. The first workshop was launched opened in Lyon, and has been a resounding success in the market, it has decided to set up other workshops in France, especially in Paris, a tourist capital renowned all over the world as a gastronomic hub. This concept has been embraced by domestic as well as international customer bases. The simplicity of this concept has attracted customers from other countries who want to learn the art of rustic French cooking.

Based on the simple concept of learning rustic French cooking, we want to open a new workshop in the United Kingdom. It is a concept in luxury market with specialties from France, the French chef will show how to prepare dishes with the aim of recreating French gastronomy, and familiarize people in the intricacies of wine tasting. Delving into the art of rustic French cuisine and oenology offers a stress buster for people and simultaneously an opportunity to interact with people hailing from different cultural backgrounds.

This concept proposes a subscription for the year, and for every 10 lessons, one will be free. In order to retain customers,a loyalty card will be delivered; with this method it will be easier to count how many lessons they have already done to offer them some promotions. Customers can sign up for the classes alone or in pairs, or with friends.

Tags: French gastronomy, L'atelier des chefs, learning rustic French cooking

[...] The concept of ?l'atelier des chefs? is not different; we have to make an alliance between the workshop structure, the staff management and the customer management to succeed with an hybrid structure, a multicultural staff and a customer oriented management for a relaxed climate. is as if there were a common set of issues in organizations that some of us choose to call culture and others choose to call strategy? Karl Weick stated, and he shows with this sentence that one country would call strategy what is culture, and another would call culture what is strategy, and thus all are similar but also different, and only via management can we organize different cultures. References Hofstede, G. [...]

[...] III/ Customer management The way of conducting business in France to minimize cultural differences The important point in France is to start with a local customer's portfolio, collecting a database in order to engage in direct marketing on Londoners. Then, we have to analyze all differences between London inhabitants to adapt our offers, and finally, the aim is to minimize cultural differences; however, London is a melting pot where people are used to living together, so we want to offer a communal atmosphere where these social groups can gather around for a meal. [...]

[...] We will focus on international customers from Anglo, Latin, Middle Eastern, Arab, Nordic and Germanic cultures (?Country clusters?, S.Ronen and O.Shenkar, 185). Promotion How can we attract international customers? We will compile a database of high income classes, and then we will implement the mailing method which consists of posting letters, emails and coupons. Finally, we will write an article for health-based and economic newspapers which are normally subscribed to by the high social classes and those who want to eat healthy. [...]

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