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Cross Cultural Management : Expatriate Interview

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Jean Claude T is a 51 years old Frenchman who works and lives in Shanghai, China. He is married and has two children who study at the university. He was an expatriate for a French automobile company, Citroën, for many years. He has spent three years in Hungary and six years in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. One year ago, Citroën decided to lend Jean Claude T's knowledge and experience to GNFA, another French company. GNFA (Groupement National pour la Formation Automobile), his present employer, is a firm for automobile consulting and training created in 1995. This firm also offers its services all over the world, even in China, where the market is booming. Jean Claude T was sent there to reorganize the subsidiary of GNFA in Shanghai. He studied in France and obtained a degree from "IUT Genie Mécanique" (a technical school in mechanical engineering). He had already worked for Citroën before beginning to work abroad.

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