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Cross Cultural Management Individual Assignment: My Cultural Profile

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  1. Introduction
  2. Religious Culture
  3. Socio-Economic Culture
  4. Sectorial Culture
  5. Values and Norms I like to follow
  6. My Organizational Culture
  7. Conclusion

Through this paper I wish to communicate to the reader a viewpoint that engulfs all aspects of having been brought up in the Indian Culture and its contribution to my thought process, when positioned in a global environment such as what the city of London has to offer. Having had the privilege of travelling through some countries of Europe as a child, I have grown to develop my conscious self to a personality that aims to be all encompassing. Constantly striving to learn and respect the virtues that each culture has the ability to reflect, it has always been important to me to understand the thought process behind a particular value in a particular culture.

Growing up in the capital city of a secular country that provides its citizens with the choice of practicing any religion they like, has its advantages. My school days in New Delhi provided a platform for me to learn, mainly through the festive season each religion rejoices, the opportunity of celebrating different values and beliefs. Whether it was celebrating Christmas with a Christian friend, Eid with a Muslim, Diwali with a Hindu or even other lesser known festivals, each festive season brought about a new and unique experience for me to admire. Personally, following no religion as such, our family values taught us to believe in Karma, the philosophy of doing good to get good in return.

[...] Crippled with problems of education, poverty and lack of infrastructure, though only in selective regions, India comprises of almost 10% of the total population of the world. To describe the national culture of so many people that have managed to live together until now can prove to be quite a task! While all Indians will do their utmost best to make visiting individuals feel at home, there are some of us that like to differ from the western culture and uphold national values, although a logical justification for what these values mean, are yet to be found, and somehow, the only conclusions that are available have unfortunately come to be known as ?backward', as perceived within India and in the outside world. [...]

[...] My National Culture A country diverse enough to promote a change in language every 100kms, my national culture, coupled with my educated mindset provokes me to portray thoughts that have never been expressed before. A majority of compatriots that I have come across here in London, are in fact, only able to express about their regional culture back in India. In such circumstances and given the task at hand, it almost becomes a responsibility to provide the reader with an overview of what comprises the national culture of India. [...]

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