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Cultural Profiles for Effective Workplace Communication in New Zealand

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  1. Communication styles
  2. Rules and relationships
  3. The group and the individual
  4. According status
  5. Time orientation
  6. Tips for doing business in New Zealand

Since time immemorial, human beings have been communicating through a multitude of channels, expressing themselves in different languages, sharing ideas and discovering faraway foreign cultures. However it seems that, despite all these new developments and technologies wherein, communication is made easier and more effective, some rules have to be considered as far as cross cultural communication is concerned. Indeed, Geert Hofstede has highlighted five dimensions of cultural differences providing us with a better understanding of the culture itself and thus also allowing us to communicate in a more efficient manner. The country under consideration in this dimensional era is New Zealand. First and foremost, New Zealand is said to have a low power distance. This results in the hierarchical structure in the country being less strong thereby preferring a more egalitarian system. Following this concept, New Zealanders place and base values on independence and integrity. In this situation, the employee can be expected to have his/her say in decision making and serve in the capacity of a consultative leader. In this role as a consultative leader, the employee can participate in settlements throughout the business cycle. Nevertheless, most of the decisions are individually made especially in conditions where the management is authoritative and competition among the employees is current.

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