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Culture of the company, The Starwood chain of hotels

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  1. The internal analysis of Michelin
    1. The ethics of Michelin.
    2. Competitive financial, technical and commercial aspects
    3. Segmentation
    4. Portfolio of products and 4Ps of Michelin
    5. Strengths / Weaknesses of Michelin
  2. The external analysis of Michelin
    1. Microenvironment: Michelin's partners
    2. Market opportunities and threats by the PESTEL method
    3. Competitive analysis and Porter's five forces
  3. SWOT analysis
  4. Strategic decisions undertaken by Michelin on SBA
    1. Passenger Vehicles
    2. Heavy Load
    3. Specialty tires
    4. Other group activities

In the sixties, managers believed that a company could be managed well only through rationality. Then there came a change that outlined the importance of the employees as another dimension in management.

Economists in the late seventies highlighted a new dimension that could impact the management of a company. After extensive work, they chose to call this dimension 'Corporate Culture'. The implementation of a strategy cannot happen only through rationality. Using action plans, budgets and other rational management tools can help in the management, but there will still be an unfilled gap. This gap can be filled only through a change in a different dimension i.e. cultural change.

The economic environment of today calls for the decentralization of the workplace. To fight against the segmentation of the company, it is essential to create a unifying company culture with norms and values. Drastic changes in the market are making companies switch to the corporate culture for their survival.

It is therefore necessary to increase transparency and facilitate the understanding of the corporate culture in the organization. As a concrete example the corporate culture of the hotel chain Starwood is studied.

Corporate culture is a relatively new concept that requires the establishment of a new mode of thought, which creates a link between the abstract and irrational value of culture in relation to the rational aspect of business.

The concept of corporate culture is very complex and is defined as the producy of behaviour and collective thought, society. It also means all the norms, values and modes of thought which marks the common behaviour of employees at all levels.

Tags: Corporate culture, Starwood chain of hotels

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