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Culture Shock (Case study)

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  1. what is Culture shock?
  2. Culture Shock stages
    1. Theories of Culture shock
    2. The « U Curve » Model
    3. Factors affecting the degree of culture shock
    4. « W Curve » Model of reentry culture shock
  3. Managing Culture Shock
    1. Understand differences & Objectivity
    2. Learn the Cultural Context
    3. Learn the Environmental context
    4. Learn basic verbal and non-verbal language

Moving to a new country is not as simple as it might seem. In a world where it has never been so easy to move from a country to another, it is important to understand the parameters that can interfere with our original culture, values, beliefs and customs. Quite a few authors had already tried to explain the new culture process. Anthropologist Kalero Oberg was the first to share his views about culture shock. In this paper, we will try to understand in detail about culture shock and determine the different stages of culture shock according to different authors and theories. In the process of acculturation, culture shock is a key element that needs to be taken in consideration. Everyone who enters a new country is confronted to a process of culture shocks.

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