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The Danone group

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  1. Company overview and the product
  2. Market overview and analysis
  3. Marketing strategy
  4. Recommendations and conclusion

Danone is a French food company founded in 1973, formerly BSN Gervais Danone. The company became a major international player in the production and marketing of fresh dairy products, packaged water, child nutrition and medical nutrition. The name comes from a merger between the group Boussois ? Souchon ? Neuvesel a glass manufacturer and Danone a food company who gave BSN Gervais Danone. After the years the company will focus on the healthy food, and in 2007 they sell the brand LU and the company acquire Numico, Dutch company number 2 of global cereal biscuits and cookies. The actual CEO is Franck RIBOUD and the mission of the company is ?to bring health thought food to as many?. In 1986, Danone has one global project, to be focused on the need to invite employees to participate in changes and major decisions every day and globalization. The company strives to expand its human and social policy in different countries in which it operates.

[...] Danone have their own center of R&D who cost a lot, to suffer from the final price of the product. Profits: None ( 9.2 billion Euros in the advertising campaign) Customers: As Essensis is a trendy product, only the trendy (fashonistas) women who want to take care of her skin. Competitors: One direct competitor on the functional food market ?Actimel? Danone brand) What is the position on the market? On the French market Danone is the Challenger between Nestlé, another French food industry. [...]

[...] In 1994 the Danone Group launched this product as a bottle of 100ml. It was the first functional food on the market. The main point of this product is the presence of the Lactobacillus Casei. This ingredient intended to strengthen the body's natural defenses. Because of the advertising campaign, US consumers claim that the benefit with your health isn't proved. After several justice actions in the United States, Danone decided to offer $35 million compensation to the complainants and decided to remove the word ?immunity? of the packaging. [...]

[...] and nutritional composition, and our geographic presence allows us to benefit from the growth dynamics where they are.? 1 With this interview of Arnaud RIBOUD we see how the Danone Group in confident in the market, and also the sector and give us a global idea of the group DANONE (2010). Interview of Franck RIBOUD 3 Company overview and the product In this part I will briefly introduce the Danone company, and after talk about the product: ESSENSIS and prove that Danone made a mistake with this product. [...]

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