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Design: Identification of museums

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  1. Design language
    1. Form and colour
    2. Symbols
  2. Design audit
    1. The Boijmans Museum
    2. SWOT analysis
  3. Design plan
    1. Target group
    2. Priorities

This assignment is divided into three parts. The first part consists of observing museums and how the route signings are. In the second part, the task is more specific where we have to choose one of the four visited museums and make an analysis concerning their disadvantages and advantages in route signing and the design of them as well. The last part is based on the improvement of the different issues, in this case the Boijmans museum and, with our professional designers help, try to solve the different design problems and give them advices or new ideas. The choice of form and colours of direction signs is crucial because they need to be understandable, simple, easy to read and the most important, when it comes to this subject, to follow them. Plus their design and positioning should be consistent. In the past, signs were made of wood and handpainted, but through the years, the concept of making signs has changed from wood to plastic, metal, digital signs and more colourful, because these kinds of materials last much longer and offer a better way of information to the people.

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