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Differences between Air France and Emirates with respect to recruitment process or policies

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  1. Background
  2. A target of young women
    1. A predominantly female target
    2. A brand, a symbol of youth
  3. International brand
  4. The organization
  5. A simple concept
    1. With a range of important products worldwide
    2. And who knew how to win against stiff competition
    3. The conquest of the country
  6. The location of 20 stores
  7. Communication and Marketing
    1. Communication and highly developed marketing methods
    2. Participation in various events to convey the image of the brand
  8. Collaborations with world-famous designers and celebrities
  9. Conclusion

The airline companies in the West are currently experiencing a mass exodus of their pilots, who have been leaving their national companies or national carriers for other new airlines where the salaries and perks are two to three times higher than their current salary. Most of these new airlines are termed very young in the market and are in an expansion mode.

One of the most successful examples of this is Emirates, an airline company of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and based out of Dubai. The Emirates airline was set up in 1985 and carries out recruitment campaigns all over the world and currently has around 50,000 employees across 100 countries. The company is a formidable player in global aviation and is a serious competitor to Air France, the first French airline.

The airline industry is highly competitive especially for recruiting good talent and it has become essential for airlines to develop a communication strategy for effective recruitment. It is in this context of strong competition that Air France and Emirates adopt different methods in their policies and strategies on recruiting pilots and cabin crew (flight attendants).

Emirates Airline has a mass recruitment policy that meets an enormous growth as the company pursues limitless expansion. The airline is the largest buyer of A380s creating a need for additional pilots and cabin crew. The recruitment is conducted around the world and selections are held mainly in countries where English is spoken.

Air France by contrast, recruits pilots mainly of French nationality with qualification recognized in France. For example, there are pilots who hold valid pilot license in the United Stated but the license is not recognized by Air France.

The internet or e-recruitment is vital to Air France, as the use of internet has its advantages is cost and speed. In contrast Emirates uses local recruitment agencies to set up and organize interviews with potential employees from that country where it is to start operations.

The two companies Air France and Emirates do not just offer jobs but they also develop strategies for recruitment and communication to promote an enhanced image of themselves to attract young talent.

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