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Doing Business and Living in India

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  1. General presentation of India
    1. Geopolitical environment : '' India, Land of Diversity ''
    2. Edward Hall's parameters : '' Indian culture ''
  2. Intercultural business working in India
    1. Hofstede's four cultural dimensions
    2. Do and don't
  3. Pros and Cons
    1. What is an expatriation ?
    2. My deep-seated motives to emigrate to India
    3. The barriers to my expatriation in India

This report is designed for companies or people who currently do business with India (ns) or intend to do so in the future. It will benefit managers who plan to work in an intercultural context. This work promises "to develop new skills for working in India" and "to appreciate the role of culture, values and beliefs their impact on doing business with India and Indians". Cultural differences represent the major risk factor for doing business in India. The best way to gain business awareness is to appreciate the role of the culture, the values, mentality, communication style, role of the family, and the business culture. This report constitutes a guide intended for the potential expatriates and companies willing to expatriate executives in India. It is related to the evolution of the questions and fears of the expatriate. The purpose of this work is to help them to make a decision, and to find out how it is necessary to apprehend and understand the stakes of this future new life. When we develop a new professional relationship in a country such as India, it is very important to understand the cultural differences and the habits. We will determine the method to be followed, the practical problems to solve as well as the aspects of the Indian culture, that are easy and difficult to live with, and which intervene in the professional and especially personal life. This study draws from a simulation putting in a Frenchwoman who has the opportunity to work in India. It is thus this specific situation which will illustrate the stakes of intercultural management.

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