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Dolce&Gabbana and its communication strategies

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  1. Introduction
  2. WTO
    1. The attractiveness of the WTO remains strong
    2. The dispute settlement body works
  3. The malfunctioning of the WTO announced the end model?
    1. The Doha round of negotiations
    2. Institutional weaknesses
  4. The WTO does not have the means to ensure effective regulation of trade
  5. Conclusion

Dolce&Gabbana sells ready made clothes and is a brand based in Legnano, Milan. It was launched in 1985 by two designers, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. In 1980, both were working in the same workshop in Venice. By 1982, they began working together to carve a niche for themselves in the fashion world.

They launched their brand Dolce&Gabbana in 1985. Their first launch had a menswear collection and they opened another shop in Milan for women. The stars smiled, when Madonna, constantly on the lookout for new trends came across their outlet. It was the black bra with sequins that Madonna wore on the Girlie Show tour in 1993, which helped her get friendly with the two famous Italians, and Dolce and Gabbana were truly inspired by this.

The brand Dolce&Gabbana has been home to a couple of the most talented and most prolific designers of Italian fashion in recent years. Domenico Dolce was born in Polizzi Generosa in 1958 and Stefano Gabbana was born in Milan in 1962. During their studies, Gabbana studied extensive graphic designs. However, Dolce set foot into the fashion world when studying in Venice and working in the small cottage industry of clothing. Both designers were able to interpret and impose their sensual and unique style on the world.

These designers are the most wanted men of Hollywood. They are the designers for stars like Madonna, Monica Bellucci, Isabella Rossellini, Kylie Minogue, Victoria Beckham and Angelina Jolie.

One can see their complementarity through their logo, which is now legendary in the fashion world. The logo has been given its aesthetic touch by both designers. The button shows Gabbana's touch, who studied graphic design, and Dolce's touch can be seen with the '&' that brings harmony to the name. The lack of space between the names is the key stylistic trademark.

With the creation of the D & G indicated that their influences were "Armani for discipline, Alaia for madness , Chanel couture for his concept and Jean-Paul Gaultier for creativity."

They offer the public a world of sensations, traditions, culture, and "méditerranéité." Thus, it is in their respective county town Milan and Sicily that Dolce & Gabbana imagine their fabulous collections to be.

Indeed, Milan, one of the capitals of fashion has a favorable climate for the creation and stylistic innovation. The organization of companies specializing in various stages of textile production in industrial districts promote competitiveness and innovation capacity. The close cooperation established between the designers and manufacturers of fabrics, will promote the explosion of Italian fashion, full of quality and elegance.

Dolce & Gabbana have made their names known brand worldwide, instantly recognizable by its glamor and its infinite flexibility (clothing, accessories, perfumes, leather goods, etc.).

D & G is present in 17 countries including France, Italy, Brazil and the United States in its own right. In the form of stores they are located on the most beautiful avenues in the world in uptown areas of major cities. In France for example there is only one shop in Paris, D & G, the rest of the distribution is through department stores such as Galeries Lafayette or the Printemps.

Tags :Dolce&Gabbana; luxurious fashion brand; communication strategies;

[...] Choosing a tone Dolce&Gabbana transports us into another world with the advertising campaign with its fantastic, surreal and provocative advertising campaigns. They depict characters related to wax statues, and operating in an unreal atmosphere.This staging reflects the fantastic and provocative tone of the campaign. While for some, these campaigns give rise to sensual fantasies, in others, they raise emotions of anger and indignation, setting aside the creative and artistic aspects. The type of message The potential customer infers by himself the qualities of the product and its effects. [...]

[...] The stage is set for transcribing this futuristic world.Much care and detail has gone into the posing of these characters. The characters are represented entirely vertically. It highlights the characters from the scene. Postures and dress bring meaning to the image as we have seen in the morphology code. Indicative Bibliography by Advertising annexes World of advertising We are in another world than ours, unreal and futuristic recalled by the colors blue and gray. The scene takes place in a kind of cell akin to those for the mentally ill in psychiatric hospitals where the walls are padded and soundproofed not only to isolate the characters from the rest of the world, but also so that the outside world does not know what's going on in the room.It is the décor, body language of the models and their clothes send us a message. [...]

[...] Here they fill the entire space, and dominate the photograph. The action takes place around them. Here, it is obviously the female characters who are in control; they direct the action while the male figures remain mostly motionless. Some are on their knees, in a very vulnerable and submissive position. Background: The decor is arranged in the background. This does not, however, tone down the importance of the staging of the characters. It sets the tone, and allows the character to evolve into a fantastic and surreal world of luxury. [...]

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